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About CharterGroup

CharterGroup's ethos is to inspire, support and enable and we provide a range of services and products to help achieve this.

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Technical and Efficiency Review there are many benefits that emerge for your practice from the CharterGroup annual technical and efficiency review.
TEAM - a system for auditors. The system provides pre-printed schedules and forms to assist in the completion of an assignment.
Business Development Groups - groups run by members to help develop technical and marketing skills in a number of specialist sectors.
Databases - for marketing campaigns. Please contact Derek Smith at
Inter-firm comparison research - all members participate in an inter-firm comparison which provides an invaluable benchmarking tool. Not available to non-members.
Mergers & acquisitions services for clients - for members wishing to help clients sell their businesses, we can provide specialist help and advice. Corporate finance is potentially a major source of additional fee income.
Networking opportunities - networking is extremely beneficial to you as a member of the alliance.
Publications - CharterGroup provides a wide range of articles, web content, leaflets and personalised publications to help you create a professional marketing strategy.
General services - there is a variety of services and support that CharterGroup offers to its members .
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