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Each year, £'millions of grants are handed out by UK government departments, other UK funding agencies, such as RDAs, and through European Union programmes. The recipients of these grants include private companies, charities, other 'not for profit' organisations, as well as public bodies such as local authorities.

Grant schemes are administered by grant paying bodies in different ways and often with differing reporting requirements, which in some cases may be laid down in statute. When an organisation receives grant in aid, it is effectively being financed for all or a major part of its costs by the grant paying body. A typical example of this is the framework set up by the Learning Skills Council (LSC), whereby it may fund a large proportion of the total costs of a college. The college remains at arm's length from the LSC which does not impose detailed controls over the expenditure. Instead, it requires a regularity assertion to be given on the specific use of the grant in aid as part of the overall audit opinion on the financial statements. This requirement is built into the financial memorandum with which each college is required to comply.

In contrast, other grants are provided to organisations for specific purposes and the grant paying body, when allocating the grant monies, seeks to attach detailed conditions to the expenditure. In this case, it requires a separate report by the recipient organisation on the eligibility and/or use of the grant monies.

For all grants of any substance, the reports and claims have to be accompanied by an assurance certificate from an independent accountant.

The specific requirements of the funders vary from scheme to scheme and it is important that these are clearly met in order to avoid any details in grant payments to you, the claimant.

The accountants which you use for this exercise can be your auditors, but that is not necessary because it is a totally separate exercise. Indeed, it may well be that an experienced local independent firm will be able to deal with these certificates much more efficiently and cost effectively than a large national or international practice.

Grant schemes come and go with the whim of government, but examples of the schemes dealt with by CharterGroup firms are as follows:-

Regional Selective Assistance

Selective Finance for Investment

Grant for Research and Development

MEDIA grants

Jackie Saunders
Tel. 01709 828400
Bryan Stevens
East Sussex
Tel. 01825 765 077
Julie Piper
Arram Berlyn Gardner
Tel. 020 7330 0000
David Clark
Bain Henry Reid
Tel. 01224 590 227
Jeremy Syree
Ballard Dale Syree Watson
Droitwich Spa
Tel. 01905 794504
Andy May
Barnes Roffe
Tel. 0208 539 5033
Ray Callingham
Beeley Hawley & Co
Tel. 01623 645 705
Mark Woods
Berry Accountants
Market Harborough
Tel. 01858 467 474
Cuan O'Shea
Bevan & Buckland
Tel. 01792 410100
Alison Vickers
Bevan & Buckland
Tel. 01792 410100
Mark Winks
Tel. 01865 552996

Stephen Askew
Burns Waring
Tel. 01227 766 666
David Wilson
Calvert Dawson
Tel. 01274 851770
Andrew Clark
Carter & Coley
Tel. 01202 786 600
Martin Spencer
Tel. 01708 333300
Andrew Mitchell
Dyke Yaxley
Tel. 01743 241281
Malcolm Wylie
Fletcher & Partners
Tel: 01722 327 801
Mark Schofield
Haworths Ltd
Tel. 01254 232521
Graham Saunders
Keens Shay Keens Ltd
Tel. 01582 651000
Mark Rayner
Keens Shay Keens MK LLP
Milton Keynes
Tel. 01908 674 484
Chris Dougherty
Lakin Rose
Histon, Cambridge
Tel. 01223 235707
Suzannah Nixon
Lamont Pridmore
Tel. 01900 65955
Colin McCoy
Tel. 01883 717077
Steve Smith
Murphy Salisbury
Tel. 01789 299 076
Stephen Monk
East Sussex
Tel. 01273 722 505
Colin Crowley
Ruthlyn House
90 Lincoln Road
Peterborough PE1 2SP
Tel. 01733 568321
John Coombs
Simpkins Edwards
Tel. 01392 211 233
John Oswald
Stephenson Coates
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tel. 0191 256 7766
Ronald Graham
Turner and Smith
Tel. 01509 212890
Andy Draper
Wildin & Co
Tel. 01594 842 520
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