We are delighted to announce the launch of our two new development programmes, Management Essentials (including Managing Assignments where relevant) and Effective Managing.

The first of these is Managing Essentials, designed to support the careers of not just audit and accounts team members, but for those of all disciplines. It is aimed at newly qualified accountants or equivalent. Covering the skills required to better manage themselves and others, the programme covers the skills needed to be more effective in the workplace.  There is an additional standalone module, Managing Assignments, which is for those who are newly qualified in the audit and accounts functions, as this is the application of skills to specific assignment management.

Following on from this, or as a separate programme, the Effective Managing programme is for managers (in all disciplines). The programme will facilitate the discovery of their personal style preferences, how they can develop their ‘toolkit’ of skills and know how and where to apply them appropriately. The final module of the Managing Essentials programme can also act as the introduction to the Effective Managing programme, as it is relevant for all.

We have already have great interest in the Management Essentials programme, with the first module starting on 8-10th February 2022 and another to follow in April. The Effective Managing programme will be commencing in Spring 2022.

Please contact either Frances Hall or myself for further information.

Course Tutor:                Frances Hall at: frances.hall@chartergroup.co.uk Telephone: 07770 234819

Course Administrator:    Nikki White at: nikki.white@chartergroup.co.uk Telephone: 07798 907628