The directors are delighted to inform members that Marie Bramwell of Dyke Yaxley has kindly agreed to join the CGA Advisory Board. Members may recall that this group was established to help the CGA Board of Directors (CGABD) and to be responsible for:

  • acting as a sounding board and communication channel for CGABD and members;
  • guiding the CGABD on the strategic direction of CGA. The CGABD will present the strategy for the group on an annual basis;
  • helping to implement the agreed strategy;
  • providing advice and guidance to the CGA strategic focus groupings of client, team and firm as required;
  • approving the appointment of new members or the removal of existing members; and
  • helping to identify and helping to resolve any membership concerns.

We are confident that Marie will add value to this group.

We hope that members will continue to use this channel to raise any  issues which they might have.