First Intuition, the award-winning accountancy training provider, has launched a new package of resources aimed at young people looking for work and entering the workplace for the first time. The FREE ‘Employability Skills’ consist of a combination of original content and links to external resources. These are aimed at filling some of the skills gaps in young adults caused by the reduction in work experience, part-time jobs, and opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities since the start of the pandemic.

Despite feedback that employers are seeing both a higher volume and calibre of applicants than ever before in entry-level recruitment for Autumn 2021. There are concerning indications that whilst academic ability seems as strong as ever, there is evidence of ‘COVID skills gaps’ in areas that have impacted young adult’s preparedness for the workplace. These skills gaps have come as a result of schools having had to squeeze their curriculum and cut careers resources during the pandemic. They include minimal experience taking formal exams, loss of social and interpersonal skills, trouble articulating and evidencing transferable skills, and lack of interview preparation.

With first-class attention to student care through its accountancy courses, apprenticeship programmes, and skills development training, First Intuition is well placed to provide its expertise on employability skills to help young adults into the workplace. The Employability Skills resources have been curated using a combination of links to external information and original content created by First Intuition. Including helpful tips for CV writing, interview preparation, what to wear on a first day, and ensuring optimal online presence.

From finding the right career to making a good impression on a first day, the resources can help in all aspects of finding a job and are relevant to anyone starting or applying to most roles, not just in finance. They even cover topics that are often not included in careers workshops, including what to look out for in your contract of employment, salary negotiations, and office etiquette and professional behaviour.

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