How the pandemic has changed the accountancy industry is useful to consider as we enter a new stage of returning to normal life. As with most industries, COVID has greatly impacted the accounting and finance profession. From the way businesses operate to how accountants are trained, no part of the industry has escaped change.

This session discussed how the pandemic has affected the accountancy industry, the changes made by the awarding bodies during this time and how they have benefited the industry, the role the accountancy profession can play in the recovery of COVID, as well as predictions for the future.

Guest speakers included Andrew Williamson, Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy at AAT, Claire Bennison, Head of ACCA UK, Stephen Flatman, Vice President of Examinations at CIMA/AICPA, Shaun Robertson, Director of Education and Qualifications at ICAEW, Christopher Argent, Editor in Chief at, Louise Wilson, Head of Finance Sector at Moneypenny, Graham Hambly, Publisher and Editor at PQ Magazine, and Martin Taylor, Chairman at First Intuition.

You can read a summary of the session and watch the recording here.