‘Pre-start’ employability skills resources

As many employers are now finalising their entry-level intakes for later this year, I wanted to make sure you are aware of the pre-start employability skills resources that First Intuition have developed for you to use.

It is clear that the pandemic has had a negative impact on many young adult’s levels of confidence and social skills, as well as their academic development. We developed these resources in 2020 but I think they are every bit as relevant and useful this year.

They cover an introduction to the role of the finance function, basic accounting, VAT and financial documents plus broader skills such as communication, office etiquette, professional behaviour, proactivity and numeracy.

The resources are open-access and free of charge for any employer who wants to help their upcoming new starters get up-to-speed before their first day on the job.

These resources are also a great way to help with engagement between job offer and starting employment. I know at least one client who is planning regular catch-up’s with their new cohort in the lead up them joining the firm, and is going to use these resources to help prompt some conversations.

You can find the library of resources here: https://www.firstintuition.co.uk/fihub/pre-start-resources/