Simon has been providing consultancy and training on the Microsoft Office applications, and Excel in particular, to firms of accountants for over 30 years. As a qualified accountant himself, he is able to make his services and courses relevant and practical for accountants, concentrating on providing effective solutions to real world problems.

Simon is a former chairman of the ICAEW Tech Faculty and is still a volunteer member of the Excel Community Advisory Committee which has been responsible for three significant spreadsheet projects in the past 5 years. When the pandemic ruled out face-to-fact lectures and training courses Simon created online versions of his most popular lectures and training courses:

Being able to use Excel, and being able to use it safely and efficiently, are two very different things. In the past year, several new features have been introduced that can help you to get your work done more quickly and with less likelihood of error. This article looks at one of these new features, the XLOOKUP() function. Many financial and business spreadsheets make use of lookup functions to combine information from related tables of data. We look at how XLOOKUP() avoids a key flaw in its predecessor function VLOOKUP(), whilst also adding significant new capabilities and flexibility.