Our strategy and values

Our strategy and values are to develop and support a mutually beneficial professional community so we can all succeed and grow together


Encourage members to get involved, to be collaborative, support each other, share best practice, knowledge, and expertise.


Ultimately, we are a people business.  The success of any professional service firm relies upon building relationships, trust and support for each other, our team and our clients.


We want to be fresh and forward thinking.  We will encourage and support our members to adopt modern business approaches that can be supported with the effective use of technology to improve productivity, drive growth and provide excellence.


We recognise that the price of retaining independence is performance.  We want to help members to excel and succeed.


We are passionate about the alliance and passionate about what we do as practitioners to help our clients and to raise the public profile of our profession.


To build an alliance of members proud to be part of the group and proud to support each other.