Member services

As a member of CharterGroup you will benefit by having access to the following services

Technical support

An efficiency review will support you in your efforts to carry out more efficient audit and compliance work by providing you with the resources and training to maximise the commercial opportunities that should emerge from the work… read more

Inter-firm comparison

An invaluable benchmarking tool to compare your performance and profitability against the rest of the members… read more

Marketing support

CharterGroup holds a tracker database which covers all companies and many non-limited businesses in the U.K.  It can be used for a variety of marketing campaigns… read more

Practice support

Support for senior/managing partners to grow and develop the practice… read more

Team support

Our aim is to support and help you with internal team relationships and development. read more

Affinity partner deals

We have negotiated special deals only available to our members with the following Affinity Partners… read more